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About FTU

A/S Fredericia Tankvognsudstyr was founded in 1971 as a subsidiary of Alfons Haar Group in Hamburg, Germany. The group develops industrial products and solutions for oil/gasoline and bulk transport and produces turnkey refuelling modules. The products are made both for mobile and stationary use within the civil and the military sectors.

Our company operates on the following business areas:

Sales of equipment for tank truck builders, nationally and internationally.
Fredericia Tankvognsudstyr is a main supplier of special equipment for the chemical and mineral oil industry, ADR and bulk transport of powder and liquid media. Furthermore, we supply flow and control valves, loading arms, loading couplings, level-metering systems and overfill protection for handling of fuels, and filter systems for filtration and cleaning of fuels for both civil and military applications. Our company supplies complete refuelling modules for use on ships in the Danish Navy for refuelling helicopters on-board the ships, for the rescue helicopters of the Danish Armed Forces, and for smaller private and public airports.

Tailor-made solutions
What characterises our company is our ability to deliver solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Some examples of our customers are refineries, the offshore industry, airports, the chemical sector, industry, agriculture and military.

Repair and service workshop Over the past 30 years, our workshop staff have built up a great expertise on all kinds of construction and repair. We carry out mounting of complete hydraulic plants, compressors and PTO, and servicing of equipment on tank trucks and in fixed installations. Our workshop is authorised to gas burning of residual gas from LPG tank trucks when these are to be emptied completely in connection with service. We supply hoses for loading and unloading of powders and liquids. The hoses are made in lengths, of materials and with connectors according to customer specifications. All hoses are delivered with a pressure-test certificate.

This part of our company is constantly being developed and accounts for an increasingly large part of the activities.

Having more than 10,000 item numbers in our product range, we have decided only to show a few examples.

If you have any questions about products or services, you are always welcome to contact us.

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